About Us

About Us

Jamal Din Ceramics was founded in 1998 with the vision to manufacture standard quality electrical porcelain items locally & competing in quality with worldwide standards. Jamal Din Ceramics located in city of Gujranwala, Punjab Pakistan.
Jamal Din Ceramics is a manufacturer of high voltage transformers bushing, low voltage transformers bushing, pin insulators, shackle insulators, spool insulators, stay insulators etc, fuse units, electrical porcelain accessories, acid proof tiles, ball mill lining & changeover porcelain accessories.

All products are also manufactured according to the client requirements, for that our dedicated team of engineers, professional skilled workers give their best to make standard quality products.

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NTN: 1693924 - 7

RTM: 434575

GST: 09-04-8500-005-46