Lab Facility & Registrations


Jamal Din Ceramics is registered with the following departments:

  • Registration of distribution of transformers bushing (HT/LT) GEPCO.
  • Jamal Din Ceramics is a member of Chamber of commerce GRW & Pakistan ceramics manufacturer association.
  • ISO certification: ISO 9002, 2015.
  • Department of electrical engineering, university of engineering & technology Lahore (power frequency voltage with stand test).
  • Jamal Din Ceramics was allowed to proceed for mass production of LT & HT transformers bushing by National transmission & Dispatch co.
  • Registration of distribution of shackle insulator & spool insulator GEPCO.

Lab Facilities

Jamal Din Ceramics’ main ambition is to make high quality electrical porcelain products. For that purpose, we’ve in-house the following lab facilities:

  • Electrical dry test
  • Electrical wet test
  • Oil puncture test
  • Mechanical test
  • Porosity test
  • Gauge test
  • Heat cycle test