HT transformer bushing (3 shed)

HT transformer bushing (3 shed)


1.Material:Electrical porcelain
2.Applied Standard: IEC,AS,BS,AN
3. Product can be Customized

Working condition and performance:

Ambient temperature:-50°C~+50°C;

Altitude:not higher than 1000m for common bushings and not higher than 2500m for the reinforced and antifouling bushings;

The common type is suitable for lightly dirty place and the antifouling one for heavily dirty place;

Assembling method:vertically and horizontally and easy to install;

GB standard

1KV/300A-400A-600A          1KV/800A-1000A-1200A          1KV/1600A-2000A-3150A

1KV/4000A-5000A-6000A     10KV/50A-275A                      20KV/50A-275A

20KV/50A-600A                   10KV/300A-400A-600A            20KV/300A-400A-600A

20KV/300A-400A-600A         20KV/300A-400A-600A           10KV/800A-1000A-1200A-2000A

DIN standard

1KV/250A-630A                   3KV/250A-630A                      1KV/1000A-2000A-3150A

3KV/1000A-2000A-3150A     3KV/6500A                             12KV-24KV-36KV/250A

12KV-24KV-36KV/630A        12KV-24KV-36KV/1000A-2000A-3150A